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eMail Advance Notifications

Patrons who opt in to email notification will receive a pre overdue notice two days prior to the due date. Visit the Library or contact the Information Desk to sign up, at 630-393-1171.

However, borrowers are responsible for returning or renewing materials on time and paying all fees whether or not a notice has been received.

Library ELF

Library ELF sends eMail reminders for item due dates and notifications for item reserves that are ready for pick up. Click here to sign up for Library ELF. Please note that Library ELF is a private service not affiliated with the Warrenville Public Library District. You use Library ELF at your own option and risk.

Overdue Notification Schedule

  • 2 days before due date..........Pre-overdue notice (eMail only)
  • 7 days after due date...........First overdue notice
  • 14 days after due date..........Final overdue notice
  • 21 days after due date..........Bill


A bill will be sent for the following:

  • Long overdue items
  • $10 or more in fees
  • Any unpaid lost or damaged items

Debt Collection

Accounts with an outstanding balance of $50 or more are sent to a collection agency 42 days after the billing notice is generated. A $10 fee will be added to all accounts referred to debt collection.

Online Payments

You may pay your fees in person or online. Log into your account and view your fees. Then, make a payment. Your payment will be processed within 2-3 business days.