The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

Book – According to Belly, the younger sister of Stephen, summer is the only time of the year that counts. Every year she goes to Cousins Beach leaving her school life behind. At the beach house they are joined her mom’s best friend and her boys, Conrad and Jeremiah. Belly was left out of all the cool things, like camping and partying on the beach, and going to the pier with the boys.

Belly is in love with Conrad. He does little things to show he notices her and cares for her, but then pulls back, becoming distant and harsh. This summer, however, she believes is the one that changes everything. Finally allowed to a beach party, Belly meets Cam who is a little different, but she likes different and is unsure how much she can really like him. Her heart has always belonged to Conrad. Then, there is Jeremiah her best friend at the beach, who occasionally and secretly, looks her with lust.

I enjoyed The Summer I Turned Pretty which is the first in the trilogy A Summer Novel. Author, Jenny Han sets up the background story well. I did get a touch annoyed with Belly, as she was over dramatic at times, which is likely why it is considered a Young Adult novel. This is an easy read, where the plot isn’t far-fetched or complicated and reminded me of the way I used to see things at her age…which actually makes me excited to be an adult!

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