Letting Go by Maya Banks

Book – A tragic accident leaves Josslyn a widow and after three years, she finally decides to move on with her love life. She has a wonderful set of best girlfriends who help her grieve, but no one has been her rock moreso than Dash, her late husband Caron’s best friend. Carson’s childhood abuse meant that he was never able to fulfill Josslyn’s craving for dominance in the bedroom. Carson knew of Dash’s romantic interest in Joss, but was nevertheless secure in his marriage. In spite of the enormity of decisions and expectations laid out for herself, Joss secures a membership at The House, a safe and secure place to explore one’s inner sexual fantasies. Her first night, just as she steps in the door, Joss is confronted by Dash. He is furious upon seeing her, but is inevitably the one who introduces her to the world of BDSM.

I found this book to be an eye opener into the world of BDSM. Prior to Letting Go, book 1 of The Surrender Trilogy I had never read Maya Banks. Though the book touches on BDSM, it is a character driven story. I cried, laughed, blushed, and ohh la la ‘ed. This is for adults looking for a little steam, with surprises along the way. I highly recommend the series.  Letting Go is available in Book and digital, format for Kindle.

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