House of Trelawney by Hannah Rothschild

House of TrelawneyAudiobook – Sometimes, the best little pleasures are discovered by accident. Needing an audiobook in a hurry, I found House of Trelawney, a Downton Abbey set in the 1980’s and besieged by total financial ruin.

Trelawney Castle has been around some 700 years.  Life should be glamorous for a titled aristocrat living in a place with turrets, follies, a room for every day of the year and four miles of corridors amid 500,000 acres. Instead, the castle is in shambles, crumbling around its inhabitants and lacking heat. Living with Kitto, the current heir and the 25th Earl of Trelawney are:  his wife, Jane; their three children; his frail parents and Aunt Tuffy, who is obsessed with studying fleas. Centuries of ancestors’ squandering of fortunes, wars, and taxes, has left little to maintain the estate once boasting 85 servants. The family is in danger of losing their home unless they obtain funds and/or devise a feasible plan. 

The dysfunctional Trelawney’s interact with other delightful and eccentric characters, who involve themselves in attempts to save the castle. Complete with villains, romance, friendship, determination, and tests of family loyalty–The House of Trelawney has everything to keep you listening and guessing whether the house can be saved!

Check out The House of Trelawney, available now on Hoopla.

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