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HooplaAudiobook-I started listening to audiobooks on Hoopla since I became a member of the Warrenville Public Library District in 2014. Since we are all at home staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, I am listening to my favorite genre romance almost daily. It is easy enough to use headphones when my husband needs quiet for business calls, but materials on Hoopla can also be streamed thru Amazon devices, such as the Firestick or Echo. I found myself watching far too much when the quarantine began and now, I listen in while coloring, painting, woodworking, on walks, relaxing on the deck, or cooking dinner. Hoopla is a great way to get entertainment hands-free; not be stuck to the couch for days on end, and makes it easy to search for your special interest. There is something for everyone. I stick to romances, which is what makes this gal tick.

I recently listened to the Cascadia Wolves, and the Diablo Lake, series by Lauren Dane. Both of the adult-content series include:  magic, werewolves, witches, big cats, alpha men, and romance. If you have little people, consider using headphones while listening.

That Boy by Jillian Dodd is family-friendly, happy, fun romance series of a girl and her neighbor growing up together. The stories reminded me of when I first met my husband.

Materials on Hoopla are available with your Warrenville Public Library Card 24/7!

2 thoughts on “Hoopla Audiobooks

  1. Hello –
    I am using the Hoopla app on my iPad to read a novel. There are bars at the top and bottom that of my screen that want to cover some of the text. Can you help me figure out how to hide them? The top one has a X but if you click it it closes the app. My version is 4.33.1

    1. Hi Laura,
      I also have an iPad, and use it to read Hoopla books.
      If you just quickly tap the screen with your index finger, this will toggle the appearance of both bars. I usually just tap in the center of the screen, but I think tapping pretty much anywhere but the bars themselves will work the same.
      BTW, the bottom bar always appears, but on the tap/toggle it reduces itself enough to uncover any text.
      Good Luck!

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