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7/29/20: Updated with announcement to visit the Library to register for a card and Q&A for non-residents.

Effective July 27, 2020, you can once again visit the Member Services Desk at the Library during Grab & Go hours to register for a library card or renew your current library account. For more information regarding library cards and registration, visit: library cards.

WPLD residents can continue to apply for a temporary card online as described here:

If you reside in the Warrenville Public Library District boundaries, you can register for a temporary WPLD card online. You will have access to digital books, audiobooks, music, movies and magazines as well as online learning and research databases.

Here’s how it works:
Once you submit your application online, we will review it and activate an account for you. You will then receive an email with your temporary library card number and PIN and other instructions for its use, including how to fully activate your card.

This process applies to WPLD residents who…
– don’t have a library card
– aren’t sure if they have a library card
– know their card has expired
– lost their library card/don’t know their library card number or,
– are current WPLD members but are unable to login and access digital resources

Complete your online registration form now. This process might take a few days. You will be notified if for some reason we are not able to create a temporary card for you at this time.

Q. I do not live in Warrenville; can I get a library card and check out items at WPLD?

A. Yes! If you don’t live within WPLD boundaries but have a registered card at your home library in Illinois, you can register as a reciprocal cardholder and check out materials and reserve a public computer at WPLD. You must show a photo ID and your home library card to register for or renew your current library account. If you don’t have a WPLD account or your library card is expired, please visit or call our Member Services Desk at 630/393-1171 x100.



5 thoughts on “Get a WPLD library card

  1. I have a Naperville Public Library card. Do the Warrenville and Naperville libraries have reciprocal borrowing arrangements. Can I sign onto your Hoopla service with my Naperville card? If I need to get a Warrenville card, do I have to reside within the town limits. I live at Monarch Landing at the corner of Ferry and Rte. 59.

    Thanks for your help with these questions.

    1. Hi Yonah,

      Unfortunately you won’t be able to access our Hoopla services with a Naperville card; our license restricts us to offering access only to people who live within the town limits. When we open up again we do have a reciprocal borrowing agreement for physical materials, though!

      Jen Moore
      Adult Services Librarian

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