Say Hello to a Fine Free Warrenville Library

On July 1, 2020, say goodbye to Extended Use Fees. Say hello to a Fine Free Warrenville Public Library. The Library will stop charging extended use fees for overdue items. We will clear all prior extended use fees from borrower accounts.

Fine free does not mean no responsibility. Our collection belongs to the entire community. We expect our members to respect this shared community resource by returning materials in a timely manner.

Why fine free?
Becoming a fine free library was identified as a strategic objective in 2019. Here are a few reasons why we are saying goodbye to fines:

  • Library fines can create barriers to library use, preventing access to our resources for individuals who need them most.
  • Studies have shown overdue fines have little impact on when library materials are returned.
  • Increased use of eBooks and other electronic resources means fines are no longer a sustainable source of library income.

Are there still due dates?
Yes. Items will still have due dates and you can renew items up to 2 times unless the item is requested by another member. To confirm due dates,

  • Log in to My Account,
  • Check the due date receipt you received at checkout or
  • Call the Member Services Desk at 630/393-1171 x100.

Are all fees going away?
No. You will still be charged for lost, damaged or incomplete items.

What incentive do members have to return their materials?
Borrowing and other library privileges will be suspended when an item is 14 days overdue. Privileges will be reinstated when the item is returned, renewed or paid for as lost.

What will happen if my items are overdue?
Although you will not be charged extended use fees, if your items are 21 days overdue your library card privileges will be suspended. Once the items are returned, renewed or paid for as lost your privileges will be reinstated. (Note: Temporarily extended from 14 to 21 days on 9/9/2020 due to quarantine for returned materials.)

Are there any other policy changes I should know about?
Yes. A few additional policy changes go into effect July 1:

  • DVDs will have a loan period of 2 weeks.
  • Current issues of magazines can be checked out.
  • Requested items will be held for 7 days.
  • WPLD items will be limited to 2 renewals.

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8 thoughts on “Say Hello to a Fine Free Warrenville Library

  1. I’m thrilled that WPLD has become fine free. The pluses far outweigh the minuses. I think having library privileges suspended after a 14-day-overdue is enough of an incentive to return items. I can’t imagine being without my library! And many other people feel the same. Good decision!

  2. Will all fines be wiped out on people’s accounts or will people that still have old fines not be able to participate in borrowing again?

    1. All overdue fees accrued prior to July 1, 2020, have been waived from borrower accounts. Other fees (ex. costs for lost or damaged items) will not be waived. Our Member Services team is happy to answer questions about specific accounts. Call them at 630/393-1171 x100 or email

    1. We do not yet have a firm date for reopening. In the interim, consider visiting Discoveries Resale Shop. They usually have a nice selection of used books at reasonable prices … and purchases support a local not-for-profit organization.

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