Discord: A Tool for Teens to Stay In Touch with WPLD

Parents, we thought you’d like to know about a great way for teens to keep in touch with the library. We use Discord, a text, video chat and gaming channel that offers teens a space to come together with each other, virtually that is, to share about things they enjoy while playing trivia or other skill-building games like diction*arium. Discord is free, easy to use, flexible and already regularly enjoyed by teens who liked to hang out in WPLD’s Teen Lounge prior to the pandemic closure of our in-person features.

Discord Gaming is hosted every Friday, 4:30–6 pm, by our Teen Services Associate, Mandy. During the weekly gaming event, Mandy is usually available to quickly answer questions, give book recommendations and take suggestions from teens about media additions and event ideas they would like through the library.

While WPLD only officially monitors the Discord channel during our gaming events, its server has bots that automatically filter bad language and inappropriate images. We also have the ability to see deleted and edited messages for further moderation. Like many virtual platforms, Discord is accessible 24/7 to anyone age 13 and older including non-library members.

For an easily digestible explanation of Discord and its unique terminology, we suggest visiting Discord’s official website.

For a listing of our upcoming Discord Gaming events, visit our Events Calendar.

If you have any questions about Discord Gaming events or our other services for teens, or if you would like reading recommendations for your teen, please contact Mandy at mandy@warrenville.com.

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