Universal Class: For homeschooling, hobbies and certifications


Universal Class is an online database with thousands of hours of courses on a wide variety of topics available for free to Warrenville Public Library members. It is more relevant than ever in this time of distance learning, which is undoubtedly stressful for students and parents alike.

Universal Class has over forty courses on schooling from home, covering topics from everyday vocabulary to Algebra to American History. These courses can be a useful supplement for students, but also for parents who have taken on added responsibility in their children’s educations. There are courses on stress management, confidence building and improving concentration, all of which address the other difficult components of learning from home.

If you have a little extra time at home these days, you might want to peruse Universal Class offerings if you are looking to start a new hobby or if you need certification for employment or education purposes.

Universal Class offers extensive courses in painting, calligraphy, knitting, baking, writing poetry and cake decorating, just to name a few. The courses are self-paced, so there’s no rush if you are trying to fit them in while working from home, Netflix bingeing or reading that latest page-turner. The courses also offer the option of video-only lessons or working towards a certificate in a particular discipline. The lessons move from those for beginners to more advanced content as you go along. In short, there is likely at least one course that will spark your interest and help you make the most of the increased time spent at home.

With their library card number and PIN, WPLD cardholders can explore Universal Class through the Online Learning menu option under the Research tab at warrenville.com.

If you have questions about using an online database, please stop by, call or email the Adult Services Desk: 630/393-1171 x121 or adultservices@warrenville.com.

Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement

WPLD offers many ways to open your mind and expand your knowledge on any topic.

As we approach Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (third Monday of January every year), learn more about his work and the civil rights movement through books, movies, the History Reference Center database and an upcoming library event.

Covering both U.S. and world history topics, the History Reference Center database, one of several new SWAN library databases accessible for free to WPLD members, allows you to search for quality content from the convenience of  home 24/7 simply by entering search terms. You will find a depth of sources on MLK and other civil rights activists. With your library card number and PIN, you can access this database at Databases A to Z under the Research tab at warrenville.com.

With our new SWAN catalog, WPLD cardholders have access to over 8 million items, including several on Dr. King. Click one of these suggested titles to place a hold on an item:

Adult book: The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Young Adult graphic novel: March by John Lewis

Youth book: Martin Luther King, Jr. by Riley Flynn

Movie: Selma

If you are still craving more information during the week of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s national holiday, join us for a special Zoom event when historian Clarence Goodman presents the turbulent times of the civil rights movement and Dr. King’s message during his visits to Chicago:

In the Belly of the Beast: Dr. King in Chicago

Thursday, January 21 at 7 pm

Ages 12 and up

Mr. Goodman will also discuss the rise of race issues around the city and share stories of how Dr. King took on Mayor Richard J. Daley to push for better living conditions.

For more information about our library resources or to register for this upcoming event, contact our Adult Services Desk at: 630/393-1171 x121 or adultservices@warrenville.com.


Free, Remote Printing at the Library

Did you know you can submit print jobs remotely from your laptop, phone or other device for pick up in the Library? You don’t need to make a computer reservation or log in to a computer at the Library to print emails, documents, boarding passes or images.

ePRINTit is a convenient, safe option when you just can’t get to an office or when your home printer is out of paper or toner. Save yourself from the crowds at a big box store. Until further notice while we continue to navigate through pandemic safety concerns, all printing at the library is free.

Use the Library’s ePRINTit options for files, webpages, emails and content stored in cloud services such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and Office 365. Send the print job remotely, then stop at the Library during Grab & Go hours to print out your job at the printing station near our Adult Services Desk.

Below are easy-to-follow instructions for printing from a laptop/computer or through the ePRINTit app. If you have any questions about using our remote print options, please call our Adult Services Desk at 630/393-1171 x121 or adultservices@warrenville.com.

Start Printing in a Few Easy Steps

How do I print from a Laptop/Computer?

You can find a link to the ePRINTit web portal on our Library home page by clicking on Print From Your Phone or Laptop link. Tip: Bookmark the link for future use to reach the ePRINTit portal directly.

FYI: The WPLD ePRINTit web portal gives you the option to change the interface language. It has over 50 different languages! You can change the language using the drop down menu at the top right hand corner.

ePPRINTit Web Portal

1. Drag and drop the files you wish to print in the Select File section OR click on Select File to browse for desired files. Make sure the file format is supported.

Navigating the ePRINTit web portal

2. Edit print options as needed then fill out the required User Info

ePRINTit options

3. Click Submit.

4. Visit the Print Station located in the Adult Services area and enter the user info you used via the ePRINTit web portal. Note: If you used your library card number as your user info you can simply scan your library card at the print station.

How do I print from a mobile device?

Download the ePRINTit Public Print Locations app from the Google Play or Apple Store.

The ePRINTit app allows you to print from your Google Drive, Office 365, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box or email account. You also have the option to print Web pages and images saved to your device. Note: To print from your cloud service accounts, you will be asked to sign in and grant access to files.

ePRINTit App
  1. To begin, select what you would like to print and its location.
ePRINTit app

2. Search for Warrenville Public Library as your printing location.

3. Edit your printing options as needed.

ePRINTit app print options

4. Enter the required User Info.

5. Click Print.

ePRINTit app print selection

6. You will receive a message when your print job has successfully been received.

7. Visit the Print Station located in the Adult Services area and enter the User Info.

How do I print an email attachment?
  1. Forward the email containing your attachment to tbs-warrenvillepl-bw@eprintitservice.com (black & white) or
    tbs-warrenvillepl-color@eprintitservice.com (color)
  2. You will be sent a confirmation email with release instructions & user credentials to retrieve your print job.
  3. Visit the Print Station located in the Adult Services area and enter the user credentials you were emailed. Tip: User credentials will be the portion of your email address before the @ symbol.
How do I print a boarding pass?

From your Laptop/Computer

You have the option to print boarding passes from the airline webpages. If the airline allows you to save a copy of the boarding pass as a PDF file, then:

  1. Save the boarding pass as a PDF file to your device or laptop.
  2. Submit the PDF file using the ePRINTit app or web portal.
  3. Visit the Print Station located in Adult Services area and enter the User Info.

Or, from your email:

1. Forward the email containing your boarding pass to tbs-warrenvillepl-bw@eprintitservice.com (black & white) or
tbs-warrenvillepl-color@eprintitservice.com (color)

Forwarding emails

2. You will be sent a confirmation email with release instructions & user credentials to retrieve your printed boarding pass

Email confirmation

3. Visit the Print Station located in the Adult Services and enter the user credentials you were emailed. Tip: User credentials will be the portion of your email address before the @ symbol.

How do I print a Webpage?

For the best results, cost efficiency and for greater control over print options, we recommend saving the desired webpage as a PDF file. To do so, follow the steps below:

From a Laptop/Computer:

1. From the webpage you wish to print click on the browser Menu > Print

Print from browser

2. From the Print Preview you can edit print settings. Some webpages allow you to simplify the page. Simplifying a page often removes images. You can also scale up or down to your desired specifications.

Print Preview options

3. When satisfied, click on Print.
4. In the pop-up “Print” dialog box, choose the Print to PDF option under “Select Printer.”

Print to PDF settings

5. Edit Page Range as needed.
6. Click Print.
7. A “Save Print Output As” pop-up dialog box will appear. Name your file > choose a file location to save > then click Save.

Save File As

8. Follow the steps under ePRINTit Web Portal to finalize your print job.

Or, from a Mobile Device:

1. From the webpage you wish to print click on the mobile browser Menu.

Mobile Browser Menu

2. Click Share > Print

3. From the Save to PDF print preview edit settings as needed by clicking on the down arrow.

Mobile Browser Save As

4. Edit Layout & Page Range if needed.

Mobile Browser PDF Settings

5. Click on the Save PDF button. Tip: look for the button with a down arrow like the one below.

Mobile Browser Save PDF

6. Name your PDF and save to desired location (Cloud, Google Drive, device, etc.).
7. Follow the steps under Mobile ePRINTit App to finalize your print job.

Conozcan mejor a la Señorita Diana


Scroll down to read Meet Miss Diana in English.

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Diana Abraham, pero la mayoría de la gente me conoce como Miss Diana. He trabajado en la Biblioteca Pública de Warrenville ya casi 14 años. Me encanta tejer, hornear, ver deportes, especialmente mi club favorito los Chicago Cubs y el fútbol internacional. Ah, y por supuesto, me encanta leer. Dame un libro de dibujos de llamas o cualquier cosa escrita por Rick Riordan o Jason Reynolds, y seré una dama feliz.

Mi trabajo con los miembros más jóvenes de la biblioteca ha sido lo más excepcional de mi carrera. Leer y compartir buenos libros me permite educar y la educación es una de mis pasiones. Creo que mi deber es apoyar el desarrollo de nuestros jóvenes estudiantes y guiarlos hacia libros extraordinarios donde puedan descubrir tierras lejanas y apreciar una multitud de ideas. De esta manera tal vez puedan encontrar la carrera de sus sueños o un autor favorito. ¡El mejor regalo para nuestros hijos es el regalo del aprendizaje de por vida! Todos los niños merecen esta oportunidad.

Un reto personal es aprender algo nuevo todos los días. Sé que he aprendido muchas cosas de los niños que he conocido en la biblioteca. Veo la amabilidad que comparten con sus amigos durante la hora de los cuentos cuando saben que sus amigos están angustiados. Veo como los niños se alegran al cantar canciones familiares y escuchar libros favoritos. Me llena de alegría escuchar historias de niños tímidos que salieron de su caparazón porque asistieron a nuestras horas de cuentos. También me encanta asistir a padres primerizos en su búsqueda de libros para leerles a sus bebés. Estas oportunidades me permiten cumplir con mi responsabilidad de ayudar a que los pequeños se desenvuelvan en aprendices de por vida.

Búsquenme la próxima vez que estén en la biblioteca o si prefieren, llamenme o envienme un correo electrónico. Me encanta compartir nuestras colecciones y estoy feliz de hacer recomendaciones para todos los niveles de aprendizaje, desde libros ilustrados hasta libros de capítulos, ensayos y novelas para lectores adolescentes. También puedo hacer sugerencias para que puedan navegar las bases de datos de aprendizaje en línea con más eficacia. Si tiene pequeños, visite nuestra página web de Programas al Instante para explorar nuestros Cuentos Por Ti, Para Ti en español.

Finalmente, puedo ayudar a los residentes del Distrito de la Biblioteca Pública de Warrenville a completar su formulario de registro para recibir una tarjeta de la biblioteca.

Diana Abraham: diana@warrenville.com; 630/393-1171 x113.


Meet Miss Diana

Hello!  My name is Diana Abraham but most people know me as Miss Diana. I have been working at the Warrenville Public Library for almost 14 years. I love to crochet, bake, watch sports—especially my beloved Chicago Cubs and international soccer. Oh and of course, I love to read. Give me a llama picture book or anything by Rick Riordan or Jason Reynolds, I will be a happy lady.

My work with our youngest library members has been the highlight of my career. Reading and sharing great books allows me to teach and teaching is a passion of mine. I believe my duty is to support our young learners and guide them to quality books where they can discover far off lands and appreciate a multitude of ideas. They might find their dream career or a favorite author. What a gift to give our children, the gift of lifelong learning! Every child deserves that opportunity.

I challenge myself to learn something new every day. I know I have learned so many things from the children I meet at the library. I see the kindness they share with their storytime friends when they know their friends are in distress. I see the unfiltered joy of singing familiar songs and listening to favorite books. Hearing stories of shy toddlers breaking out of their shell because they attended our storytimes or new parents wanting book recommendations to read to their babies allows me to fulfill my responsibility of helping grow lifelong learners.

Please seek me out the next time you are at the library or feel free to call or email me. I love to show off our selections and am happy to making recommendations for every level of learning, from picture books to chapter books to essays and novels for teen readers. I can also make suggestions for our online learning databases. If you have little ones, please visit our Programs on Demand webpage to explore our Do It Yourself Storytimes in Spanish.

Finally, I can help Warrenville Public Library District residents complete their registration form to receive a library card.

Diana Abraham: diana@warrenville.com; 630/393-1171 x113.



Book Categories for Children

When children begin to read independently, where in our collection should they be looking for books? Often in more than one category at a time. As young readers become better and better at reading alone, remember the power of reading aloud and using books as a shared experience. Older siblings can read books to younger siblings; kids can read to pets; you can read or listen to chapter books as a family. Just keep it fun, and let us know when you need some new recommendations or a tour (socially distanced!) through these different sections!

Beginning Reader

Beginning Reader books help emerging readers gain skills and confidence. These books are a comfortable size, use limited and repeating vocabulary, and have illustrations that aid in comprehension. Books in this section range from having just a few words per page to having a couple short paragraphs per page. For more details about choosing beginning reader books, see our prior blog post.


Early Chapter Book (in Juvenile Fiction)

Stepping up from beginning readers, there are many great early chapter book series in our Juvenile Fiction collection. These chapter books help readers build stamina and get accustomed to reading slightly longer books with more text and plot and, generally, fewer illustrations. Classic, modern, mystery, humor, paranormal and princesses, you can find it all in early chapter books!


Chapter Book (in Juvenile Fiction)

Chapter books with more advanced plots and vocabulary, usually including few or no illustrations, make up the bulk of our Juvenile Fiction collection. The options can get overwhelming so make sure you ask a librarian for recommendations! We can guide you to a series that will keep a voracious reader busy, a fantasy that will open a mind to other worlds, realistic or historical fiction that explores other cultures and times, spooky or sports stories…we have them all!


Juvenile Graphic Novel

Did you know that in 2020 for the first time ever a graphic novel, New Kid by Jerry Craft, won the Newbery Medal? Graphic novels are more than superhero comics, although we still have plenty of those! Graphic novels are available at all levels and across all genres. Whether a reader is learning fun facts from a book in the Science Comics series or feeling all the feels with one of Raina Telgemeier’s popular titles, rest assured that reading graphic novels is still reading.


Juvenile Nonfiction and Biography

Our Juvenile Nonfiction and Biography sections are home to wonderful books on a huge variety of topics at all different reading levels. Whether you’re looking for facts, figures and photographs or a narrative that brings a person or event to life through a story, you’ll find both in this section.


We enjoy providing reading recommendations and helping young readers find the category or author that’s right them, whether in our physical collections at the Library or available for download for free through OverDrive/Libby or Hoopla. Just stop by our Youth Services Desk the next time you’re at the Library, or call or email us for suggestions.

630/393-1171 x124 or youthservices@warrenville.com.

Discord: A Tool for Teens to Stay In Touch with WPLD

Parents, we thought you’d like to know about a great way for teens to keep in touch with the library. We use Discord, a text, video chat and gaming channel that offers teens a space to come together with each other, virtually that is, to share about things they enjoy while playing trivia or other skill-building games like diction*arium. Discord is free, easy to use, flexible and already regularly enjoyed by teens who liked to hang out in WPLD’s Teen Lounge prior to the pandemic closure of our in-person features.

Discord Gaming is hosted every Friday, 4:30–6 pm, by our Teen Services Associate, Mandy. During the weekly gaming event, Mandy is usually available to quickly answer questions, give book recommendations and take suggestions from teens about media additions and event ideas they would like through the library.

While WPLD only officially monitors the Discord channel during our gaming events, its server has bots that automatically filter bad language and inappropriate images. We also have the ability to see deleted and edited messages for further moderation. Like many virtual platforms, Discord is accessible 24/7 to anyone age 13 and older including non-library members.

For an easily digestible explanation of Discord and its unique terminology, we suggest visiting Discord’s official website.

For a listing of our upcoming Discord Gaming events, visit our Events Calendar.

If you have any questions about Discord Gaming events or our other services for teens, or if you would like reading recommendations for your teen, please contact Mandy at mandy@warrenville.com.

Election Guide, Revised Candidate Information

A Nonpartisan Resource for the Tuesday, November 3, 2020 General Election


General Election

The final election for a political office with a limited list of candidates. The candidates in the general election are those who won their party’s primary election. General elections take place at a local, state and national level. The winner of the general election will serve in that office.

Voting & Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): See the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for their Considerations for Election Polling Locations and Voters.


General Election Day – Tuesday, November 3

  • In Illinois, your mail-in ballot must be postmarked no later than General Election Day. The U.S. Postal Service recommends mailing your ballot earlier to ensure its timely delivery.
  • You can also drop-off your mail-in ballot at any early voting location or sign an affidavit on your ballot to designate someone to return your ballot for you.
  • Read more information about voting by mail from the State of Illinois.

Early Voting

Early voting begins as early as September 24 at some locations. You can vote in-person or drop off mail-in ballots at early voting locations.

DuPage County Early Voting Locations

Important Dates
October 18
Last day to register to vote online.
October 29
Your local election authority must receive requests for a mail-in ballot by this date.
November 2
Last day for early voting.
November 3
General Election Day
Mail-in ballots must be postmarked by this date.
Last day for grace period registration and voting.


Register to Vote

You must register at least 28 days prior to an election to vote in that election. You can register online, by mail or in person. In-person voter registration ends on 10/06/2020. Following the close of registration, Illinois allows for “Grace Period” registration and voting beginning the 27th day prior until the day before an election.

Online voter registration is available through the 15th day prior to Election Day. The registration period for the online voter registration system will close at 11:59 pm on 10/18/2020 and will reopen on 11/05/2020.

To Vote in Illinois:

  • You must be a United States Citizen.
  • You must be 17 years old on or before the date of the Primary Election and turn 18 on or before the date of the General or Consolidated Election.
  • You must live in your election precinct at least 30 days prior to Election Day.
  • You must not be serving a sentence of confinement in any penal institution as a result of a conviction.
  • You may not claim the right to vote anywhere else.

Remember, you will need to update or change your voter registration if you moved within Illinois, changed your name or want to change your political party affiliation.

Verify Your Voter Registration

Online Voter Registration



  • You must register to vote before applying to vote by mail.
  • Everyone who has voted in the last two years should receive an application for a mail-in ballot in the mail, according to Illinois legislation passed in May.
  • Read more information about voting by mail from the State of Illinois.

You can apply for a mail-in ballot here:

DuPage County

Track Your Mail-in Ballot

In-Person Voting

Find Your Polling Place

View a Sample Ballot

Voter Rights & Accommodations

Who Can and Can’t Vote in U.S. Elections?

Election Assistance Commission
Voting information in over 10 languages and a glossary of 1,843 voting terms.

Department of Justice Voting Rights
Learn about laws that protect voters and report any potential violations.

ACLU Voting Rights Guide
Learn how to prepare for various scenarios at the polls, including needing a translator or aide and how to respond to potential voting rights violations.

Voter Accommodations
Request to vote by mail through the Thursday before the election, or find ways to vote if you are in the hospital or a licensed healthcare facility: DuPage County

Federal Voting Assistance Program
Voting support for service members, their families, and overseas citizens.

Restoration of Voting Rights
In Illinois, those who have received a felony conviction may be eligible to vote once released from incarceration, even if they are on probation or parole.


Know Your Candidate

Political Parties

Listed in alphabetical order.

Democratic Party

National | Illinois | DuPage County

Green Party

National | Illinois | DuPage County

Libertarian Party

National | Illinois | DuPage County

Republican Party

National | Illinois | DuPage County



Listed in alphabetical order.

U.S. President

Democratic Party Green Party Libertarian Party Republican Party
Joe Biden Howie Hawkins Jo Jorgensen Donald Trump





Democratic Party Republican Party
U.S. Senator | Richard J. Durbin U.S. Senator | Mark C. Curran Jr.





Democratic Party Republican Party
IL 6th District | Sean Casten IL 6th District | Jeanne Ives
IL 11th District | Bill Foster IL 11th District | Rick Laib
IL 14th District | Lauren Underwood IL 14th District | Jim Oberweis


Illinois State Senate District

Democratic Party Republican Party
IL District 21 | (no election this cycle) IL District 21 | (no election this cycle)
IL District 25 | Karina Villa IL District 25 | Jeanette Ward


Illinois House of Representatives Districts

Democratic Republican
House District 41 | Janet Yang Rohr House District 41 | Grant Wehrli
House District 42 | Ken Mejia-Beal House District 42 | Amy L. Grant
House District 49 | Maura Hirschauer House District 49 | Laura Curtis






DuPage County

Democratic Republican
County Auditor | William (Bill) White County Auditor | Bob Grogan
County Circuit Court Clerk | Candice Adams County Circuit Court Clerk | Chris Kachiroubas
County Coroner | Gregory Whalen County Coroner | Richard Jorgensen
County Recorder | Kathleen V. Carrier County Recorder | Babette Holder Youngberg
County State’s Attorney | No Candidate County State’s Attorney | Robert Berlin
County Board District 5 |Amy Chavez County Board District 5 | Kevin Coyne
County Board District 6 | Greg Schwarze County Board District 6 | Robert L. “Bob” Larsen












DuPage County Forest Preserve Districts

Democratic Republican
Forest Preserve District 5 | Barbara O’Meara Forest Preserve District 5 | Mary Lou Wehrli
Forest Preserve District 6 | (no election this cycle) Forest Preserve District 6 | (no election this cycle)

Find your Legislator and District Information


Voter Resources

Inform Your Vote


A nonpartisan site that allows you to build your ballot by diving into every candidate and referendum on your ballot, including candidate’s backgrounds, stances on issues, and experience. BallotReady lets you “explore your ballot, make informed choices, and vote!”


Pros and cons of current issues. Feeling overwhelmed by all the issues being debated during the 2020 Presidential Election? Start here! ProCon.org is a nonprofit nonpartisan public charity that use professional researchers and rigorous editorial standards.

Project Vote Smart

A nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization that collects and distributes information on candidates for public office.


A tool that makes voting easy by sending text or email messages verifying voter registration status, reminders about important election deadlines, and polling place location. Developed by the nonpartisan group Democracy Works.


VOTE411 is committed to ensuring voters have the information they need to successfully participate in every election. Whether it is local, state or federal, every election is important to ensuring our laws and policies reflect the values and beliefs of our communities. Brought to you by The League of Women Voters Education Fund.


Government Sites

DuPage County Clerk

The official website of the DuPage County Clerk.

Illinois State Board of Elections

A quick and easy way to find candidate filings, general election information and to verify if you are registered to vote in Illinois.

Federal Voting Assistance Program

Federal voting assistance for service members, their families and overseas citizens. Provides access to election officials and voting assistance officers to help navigate the absentee voting process.

Presidential Election Process

Learn about the Presidential election process, including the Electoral College, caucuses and primaries and the national conventions.

The Federal Government has developed a glossary of common terms used during election seasons. Perfect for young and new voters.


Election News Coverage

Chicago Sun-Times

News coverage of the Chicago and Illinois elections as well as the 2020 presidential election.

Chicago Tribune

Includes a 2020 General Election voter guide, news, opinion, fact checking and details on how to vote in Illinois.

Daily Herald

2020 General Election coverage, including endorsements for local and statewide races.

National Public Radio (NPR)

National news coverage of the 2020 General Election.

PBS News Hour
National news coverage of the 2020 General Election.

News coverage of the Chicago area, Illinois and national elections.


Fact Checking

Annenberg Political Fact Check
Designed to help voters by “monitoring the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews and news releases.” Updated even when it is not election season. Includes information on special interest groups behind television ads.

Center for Public Integrity
A well-documented investigative journalism organization and winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2014 and 2017.

Browser extension that provides an easy way to evaluate websites. “Green-Red ratings compiled by a team of trained journalists signal if a website is trying to get it right, has a hidden agenda or knowingly publishes falsehoods or propaganda.”

A fact-checking website founded by editors of Time Magazine and in conjunction with Congressional Quarterly.


This page is compiled and maintained by librarians at the Warrenville Public Library. Links to political parties’ websites are for informational purposes only and do not in any way constitute an endorsement.


Citizenship Corner

en español, debajo

Are you thinking of becoming a U.S. citizen and wondering where to start?

Warrenville Public Library has a dedicated space with materials to help you along your path to citizenship. In our Citizenship Corner, you can find:

  • A Citizenship Kit put together by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (includes civic flashcards, a pocket study guide, transcription of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States and more)
  • Civics flashcards in Spanish
  • Citizenship paper applications and required documents checklist
  • Books to study for the civics exam in English and Spanish
  • DVDs to help you practice for the English language exam

Can’t make it to the library? Take advantage of our online resources from the comfort of your home. Practice for the Citizenship Test online through Learning Express, Tutor.com and Universal Class Library Edition. You’ll need your library card number to create an account at each of these databases if you wish to save your progress.

Warrenville Public Library District residents may fill out a registration card in person or online. Visit our website for more information on how to register for a WPLD library card and the different types of library cards we offer.

Questions about our Citizenship Corner or online resources? Contact Nora in Adult Services by email at nora@warrenville.com or by phone at 630/393-1171 x106.


¿Está pensando en comenzar el trámite para aplicar para la ciudadanía estadounidense y se pregunta por dónde empezar?

La Biblioteca Pública de Warrenville tiene un espacio dedicado con materiales que lo ayudarán en su camino hacia la ciudadanía. En nuestro Rincón de Ciudadanía (Citizenship Corner), puede encontrar:

  • Un kit de ciudadanía producido por los Servicios de Ciudadanía e Inmigración de los Estados Unidos (incluye tarjetas de cívica, una guía de estudio de bolsillo, transcripción de la Declaración de Independencia y Constitución de los Estados Unidos y más)
  • Tarjetas de cívica en español
  • Solicitudes de ciudadanía en papel y lista de verificación de documentos
  • Libros para estudiar para el examen de cívica en inglés y español
  • DVD para ayudarlo a practicar para el examen oral de idioma inglés

¿No puede visitar la biblioteca? Aproveche nuestros recursos en línea desde la comodidad de su hogar. Practique para el examen de ciudadanía en línea a través de las bases de datos de Learning Express, Tutor.com y Universal Class Library Edition. Necesitará su número de tarjeta de la biblioteca para crear una cuenta en cada una de estas bases de datos si desea guardar su progreso.

Los residentes del Distrito de la Biblioteca Pública de Warrenville pueden solicitar una tarjeta de la biblioteca en persona o en línea. Visite nuestro sitio web para obtener más información sobre cómo obtener una tarjeta de biblioteca WPLD y los diferentes tipos de tarjetas de biblioteca que ofrecemos.

¿Tiene alguna pregunta sobre nuestro Rincón de Ciudadanía o recursos en línea? Comuníquese con Nora de Servicios para Adultos por correo electrónico nora@warrenville.com o llame al 630/393-1171 x106.

Magazines…A Little Light Reading

When you’re looking for a little light reading, pick up a handful of magazines at the library. Our Magazines section covers a variety of interests from contemporary black women’s experiences in Essence, to organizing your home in Real Simple, to medical science developments in the Mayo Clinic Health Letters. You’ll find The Economist has the latest in international news, politics, business and finance. We also carry the oldest, continuously published monthly magazine in the U.S.—Scientific American—to which many famous scientists, including Albert Einstein, have contributed. Starting an exercise program? Refer to Health, Shape or Runner’s World for tips on current trends. For musical coverage, look no further than Rolling Stone. Have the travel bug? Pick up Condé Nast. Whatever your interests, we have you covered!

You’ll find current magazines in our Adult Services Department near the window area. Current and back issues are available for check out for 14 days. Can’t get to the library when you want a little light reading? Use your WPLD card for free access to RBdigital eMagazines under the Reading tab at warrenville.com.

We’re happy to help you search for a magazine title or get you started with downloading an eMagazine. Stop by, call or email the Adult Services Desk. 630/393-1171 x121 or adultservices@warrenville.com.

NextReads Free Subscription Service for All Reading Interests

NextReads is a free electronic newsletter subscription service that sends reading recommendations directly to your email inbox based on your personal reading preferences.
Newsletters for various genres are released monthly, and include the latest releases in over twenty categories including Mystery, Biography and Memoir, Historical Fiction, Kid’s Books, Tween Reads and various nonfiction topics like health and gardening. Each issue breaks down new publications using brief summaries of “What it is,” “What happens,” “Who it’s for” and “What reviewers say.” NextReads is a quick, direct, spoiler-free way for readers to stay appraised of the most noteworthy new titles in their favorite genres.
The best part—titles in the newsletters conveniently link to our catalog so you can check availability and place a hold! To view a list of genres and their descriptions, and to subscribe to receive free monthly information on new publications, visit: eNewsletters for Readers.
If you have any questions about our NextReads subscription service, please call or email Adult Services at 630/393-1171 x121 or adultservices@warrenville.com.