A Princess for Christmas (2011)

DVD- Jules Daley is laid off her job as an antique sales person. She is also the legal guardian for her young niece and nephew. With Christmas just around the corner, her outlook on making the best of things is quickly dwindling. Paisley, the butler for the kids distant grandfather, has arrived and invited the whole family to the castle for the holidays. Edward, the grandfather, is not pleased to see these “outsiders” in his home and creates a cold and distant atmosphere. Ashton, Edward’s only surviving son and Prince of Castleberry is intrigued with the new arrivals, but is also stiff and cold.

Jules starts to settle into castle life etiquette and makes a few changes for the sake of the holidays, but mostly for Milo and Maggie. Instead of having staff decorate the Christmas tree, she decides to do it herself. Though Edward takes a while to warm up, he eventually comes around and starts to remember what Christmas is really about. At Castleberry’s annual Christmas Ball Jules overhears a conversation that prompts her into action. Will she and Ashton get to explore a budding relationship, or will he lose her and himself along the way?

A Princess for Christmas is one of the best “Hallmark” Christmas films. It might be a bit on the sappy love story side for the men folk, but it has lots of love, laughs, and is heartwarming for everyone.

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  1. “Will Ashton, who has grown quite fond of her, be able to keep her in Castleberry to explore this budding relationship, or will he loose her and himself along the way?”

    This is the deepest thought anyone has ever though in regard to this movie. Love you Gail! Keep the reviews coming!

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