Library Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

Library Board of Trustees Meeting (online) with Library LogoThe Library Board’s next regularly scheduled meeting is Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 7 pm. This will be a virtual meeting. The agenda and information packet are available online no less than 48 hours prior to the meeting. Special instructions for those who wish to submit public comment or attend, view or listen to the meeting are included on the agenda. The meeting will be broadcast live on Zoom and will be recorded and uploaded to the Library’s YouTube page.

Citizenship Corner

en español, debajo

Are you thinking of becoming a U.S. citizen and wondering where to start?

Warrenville Public Library has a dedicated space with materials to help you along your path to citizenship. In our Citizenship Corner, you can find:

  • A Citizenship Kit put together by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (includes civic flashcards, a pocket study guide, transcription of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States and more)
  • Civics flashcards in Spanish
  • Citizenship paper applications and required documents checklist
  • Books to study for the civics exam in English and Spanish
  • DVDs to help you practice for the English language exam

Can’t make it to the library? Take advantage of our online resources from the comfort of your home. Practice for the Citizenship Test online through Learning Express, and Universal Class Library Edition. You’ll need your library card number to create an account at each of these databases if you wish to save your progress.

Warrenville Public Library District residents may fill out a registration card in person or online. Visit our website for more information on how to register for a WPLD library card and the different types of library cards we offer.

Questions about our Citizenship Corner or online resources? Contact Nora in Adult Services by email at or by phone at 630/393-1171 x106.


¿Está pensando en comenzar el trámite para aplicar para la ciudadanía estadounidense y se pregunta por dónde empezar?

La Biblioteca Pública de Warrenville tiene un espacio dedicado con materiales que lo ayudarán en su camino hacia la ciudadanía. En nuestro Rincón de Ciudadanía (Citizenship Corner), puede encontrar:

  • Un kit de ciudadanía producido por los Servicios de Ciudadanía e Inmigración de los Estados Unidos (incluye tarjetas de cívica, una guía de estudio de bolsillo, transcripción de la Declaración de Independencia y Constitución de los Estados Unidos y más)
  • Tarjetas de cívica en español
  • Solicitudes de ciudadanía en papel y lista de verificación de documentos
  • Libros para estudiar para el examen de cívica en inglés y español
  • DVD para ayudarlo a practicar para el examen oral de idioma inglés

¿No puede visitar la biblioteca? Aproveche nuestros recursos en línea desde la comodidad de su hogar. Practique para el examen de ciudadanía en línea a través de las bases de datos de Learning Express, y Universal Class Library Edition. Necesitará su número de tarjeta de la biblioteca para crear una cuenta en cada una de estas bases de datos si desea guardar su progreso.

Los residentes del Distrito de la Biblioteca Pública de Warrenville pueden solicitar una tarjeta de la biblioteca en persona o en línea. Visite nuestro sitio web para obtener más información sobre cómo obtener una tarjeta de biblioteca WPLD y los diferentes tipos de tarjetas de biblioteca que ofrecemos.

¿Tiene alguna pregunta sobre nuestro Rincón de Ciudadanía o recursos en línea? Comuníquese con Nora de Servicios para Adultos por correo electrónico o llame al 630/393-1171 x106.

Love Is in the Air on Sweetest Day!

Books—Sweetest Day is coming up. What better way to spend the day than catching up on stories of star-crossed lovers!

An adventure in fake-dating gone viral is the premise of Take a Hint, Dani Brown. In The Bride Test, Khai’s autism prompts his mom to go to Vietnam and find him a wife. Neurosurgeon Dr. Trisha Raje’s family inserts themselves into her would-be love life in Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors.

The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics is replete with a tale of old lovers and sabotage. A tumultuous love affair is brewing in The Girl He Used To Know, where we find Annika, an English major at the U of I, who eventually moves to Chicago to live as a librarian.

In the titular The Overdue Life of Amy Byler, Amy confronts gut-wrenching choices. Things heat up in Red, White & Royal Blue amid a transcontinental secret affair! A small town’s renaissance faire is the setting of Well Met, where Emily and Simon wonder if they will find one another interesting after ditching the costumes and cosplay.

Help yourself to these great finds on Hoopla! A romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist? Check out The A.I. Who Loved Me. Fans of Shall We Dance will be charmed with Finding Your Feet. Find out if a secret relationship is more dangerous than a derby track in Roller Girl. Hoopla and OverDrive downloads are free with your WPLD library card.

Come in to browse for your next romance read during Grab & Go hours or place a hold for pick up in the library or through Curbside Pickup service. Need a suggestion? Stop by, call or email the Adult Services Desk. 630/393-1171 x121 adultservices@warrenvillecom.

Magazines…A Little Light Reading

When you’re looking for a little light reading, pick up a handful of magazines at the library. Our Magazines section covers a variety of interests from contemporary black women’s experiences in Essence, to organizing your home in Real Simple, to medical science developments in the Mayo Clinic Health Letters. You’ll find The Economist has the latest in international news, politics, business and finance. We also carry the oldest, continuously published monthly magazine in the U.S.—Scientific American—to which many famous scientists, including Albert Einstein, have contributed. Starting an exercise program? Refer to Health, Shape or Runner’s World for tips on current trends. For musical coverage, look no further than Rolling Stone. Have the travel bug? Pick up Condé Nast. Whatever your interests, we have you covered!

You’ll find current magazines in our Adult Services Department near the window area. Current and back issues are available for check out for 14 days. Can’t get to the library when you want a little light reading? Use your WPLD card for free access to RBdigital eMagazines under the Reading tab at

We’re happy to help you search for a magazine title or get you started with downloading an eMagazine. Stop by, call or email the Adult Services Desk. 630/393-1171 x121 or

NextReads Free Subscription Service for All Reading Interests

NextReads is a free electronic newsletter subscription service that sends reading recommendations directly to your email inbox based on your personal reading preferences.
Newsletters for various genres are released monthly, and include the latest releases in over twenty categories including Mystery, Biography and Memoir, Historical Fiction, Kid’s Books, Tween Reads and various nonfiction topics like health and gardening. Each issue breaks down new publications using brief summaries of “What it is,” “What happens,” “Who it’s for” and “What reviewers say.” NextReads is a quick, direct, spoiler-free way for readers to stay appraised of the most noteworthy new titles in their favorite genres.
The best part—titles in the newsletters conveniently link to our catalog so you can check availability and place a hold! To view a list of genres and their descriptions, and to subscribe to receive free monthly information on new publications, visit: eNewsletters for Readers.
If you have any questions about our NextReads subscription service, please call or email Adult Services at 630/393-1171 x121 or


Introduciendo a Nora Jiménez durante el Mes de la Herencia Hispana

In English, below.

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Nora. Mi lengua natal es el español y soy nacida en México, pero crecí en el sur de California. Trabajo en el Departamento de Servicios para Adultos en la Biblioteca y también estoy estudiando para obtener mi maestría en biblioteconomía e informática de sistemas. Además de trabajar y estudiar, dedico un día a la semana para mi servicio social en el Museo de Historia de Elgin. Mi interés profesional consiste de la investigación del patrimonio cultural hispanoamericano y la equidad en colecciones y archivos en los EEUU. Me encanta trabajar en un ambiente diverso, con gente de diferentes culturas y lenguas.

Me da mucho gusto en darle la bienvenida a la Biblioteca Pública de Warrenville. ¡Aquí encontrara mucho más que libros! Ofrecemos una variedad de recursos y servicios. El personal de WPLD se dedica a responder a las necesidades de información, culturales, educativas y creativas de la comunidad a través de servicios bibliotecarios, actividades artísticas y colecciones contemporáneas en un espacio público de libre acceso.

La colección de libros para adultos incluye una variedad de temas de ficción y no ficción. Los visitantes tienen acceso directo a todos los libros de nuestra colección. ¡También tenemos CDs, DVDs y revistas en español! La búsqueda de materiales se puede hacer en los catálogos electrónicos distribuidos dentro la biblioteca o vía remota a través del sitio web

¿Está iniciando su trámite de ciudadanía? Ofrecemos un Rincón de Ciudadanía con materiales que lo prepararán para sus exámenes escritos y orales. Su tarjeta de la biblioteca también le otorga acceso remoto a una variedad de bases de datos en línea para satisfacer sus necesidades de información.

También ofrecemos ayuda directa y personal a usuarios que buscan información. Esto requiere de la interacción entre el usuario, el bibliotecario y las fuentes de información que va más allá de la localización de los materiales en la biblioteca.

¿No tiene una tarjeta de la biblioteca? Si vive dentro de los límites del Distrito de la Biblioteca Pública de Warrenville puede solicitar una tarjeta de biblioteca hoy mismo. Todo lo que necesita es un comprobante de su domicilio; no requerimos ninguna prueba de ciudadanía.

Si necesita asistencia personal en español, me encontrara en el Departamento de Adultos. Mi trabajo en WPLD es establecer una participación pública activa más allá de la biblioteca y formular un plan para poder satisfacer las necesidades de la comunidad hispana con más eficaz. Apoyo el desarrollo de una programación que incorpora temas de equidad, inclusión y patrimonio cultural en las actividades educativas de WPLD. Espero seguir logrando avances en el desarrollo de servicios bibliotecarios en español. Me gustaría recibir sus comentarios o sugerencias sobre nuestra colección de libros para adultos, programación y recursos. ¡Si desea ver algo nuevo en la biblioteca esta es su oportunidad! Mándeme un correo electrónico a o llámeme al 630/393-1171×106.

Introducing Nora Jiménez during National Heritage Month

Hello! My name is Nora Jimenez. My native language is Spanish. I was born in Mexico but I grew up in southern California. I work in the Adult Services Department at the Library. I am also studying to get my master’s degree in library and information science. In addition to working and studying, I dedicate one day a week to volunteer at the Elgin History Museum. My professional interest consists of researching Hispanic American cultural heritage and equity in collections and archives in the US. I love working in a diverse environment, with people from different cultures and languages.

I am delighted to welcome you to the Warrenville Public Library. Here you will find so much more than books! We offer a variety of resources and services. WPLD staff are dedicated to responding to the information, cultural, educational and creative needs of the community through library services, art programming and contemporary collections in a freely accessible public space.

The adult book collection includes a range of topics in fiction and nonfiction. Visitors have direct access to all the books in the collection. We also have CDs, DVDs and magazines in Spanish! You can search for materials using the online catalogs distributed within the library or remotely through our website at

Are you starting your path towards citizenship? We offer a Citizenship Corner with materials to get you ready for your written and oral exams. Your library card also grants you remote access to a variety of online databases to meet your information needs.

We also offer personal reference help to users seeking information. This service requires an interaction between the user, a librarian and information resources. It is an involved process that goes beyond simply locating materials in the library.
Don’t have a library card? If you live within the Warrenville Public Library District boundaries, you can apply for a library card today! All you need is proof of residence; we do not require any proof of citizenship.

If you need personal assistance in Spanish, you will find me in the Adult Services Department. My job at WPLD is to establish active public participation beyond the library and to formulate a plan to meet the needs of the Hispanic community more effectively. I support the development of programming that incorporates issues of equity, inclusion and cultural heritage at WPLD. I look forward to continuing to make progress in developing Spanish language library services. I would greatly appreciate your comments or suggestions about our Spanish collection of adult books, programming and resources. If you want to see something new in the library this is your chance! Email me at or call me at 630/393-1171×106.

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

Book– The Dutch House is the latest novel by Ann Patchett, author of Bel Canto and Commonwealth. The Dutch House follows siblings Danny and Maeve Conroy as they navigate a complicated childhood that includes a mysterious, absent mother, a distant but loving father, and a stereotypical evil stepmother straight out of a fairytale. At the center is the “Dutch House,” a beautiful, extravagant, old home where the siblings grew up. The house and the events that transpire reverberate with, and profoundly shape, the siblings’ adulthood.

This is my first Ann Patchett novel. I admire her confidence, which expresses itself in the controlled and well-structured narrative. The Dutch House is not action-packed, but builds its strength on the insights of family, memory, loss and the power of a place. Recommended for fans of contemporary and domestic fiction, The Dutch House is available for digital download, in Large and regular print, and audiobook, narrated by Tom Hanks!

Library Closed Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Library will be closed on Saturday, September 19 for a special event, Art on the Prairie. Learn more about this art and music festival at Our drive-up book return in the lower level parking lot will remain open during the event.

Should the event get canceled prior to Friday, September 18 at 5 pm, the Library will open on Saturday and this blog post will be updated accordingly.

We made the decision to close the Library during this event based on concerns about lack of parking at our Stafford Place entrance, restroom cleanliness and capacity count of Library visitors.

Please visit on Saturday to access online databases, register for upcoming events or place holds on items through our catalog.

Public Hearing and Library Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

Library Board of Trustees Meeting (online) with Library LogoThe Library Board’s next regularly scheduled meeting is Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 7 pm. The meeting will begin with a public hearing for the budget and appropriation ordinance. This will be a virtual meeting. The agenda and information packet are available online no less than 48 hours prior to the meeting. Special instructions for those who wish to submit public comment or attend, view or listen to the meeting are included on the agenda. The meeting will be broadcast live on Zoom and will be recorded and uploaded to the Library’s YouTube page.

The Conscious Closet by Elizabeth L. Cline

Cover image for The conscious closet : the revolutionary guide to looking good while doing goodBook-  Forget what you knew about clothes. Elizabeth L. Cline’s The Conscious Closet: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good is an important read for the socially, environmentally and economically-conscious and those aspiring to be. Moved to change my retail-consumption ways, I sought out this book thinking it would help me revamp my wardrobe. I grossly underestimated the author’s breadth of knowledge. My clothes were made in China (these days Bangladesh, Thailand or Vietnam). This didn’t mean much, so I cared even less, because they were cheap and came from that online warehouse or Target. Fabric? Unless it was wool or cashmere, meh. Microplastics in clothing and laundry? What’s to think about? Lots, it turns out.

I realize how embarrassingly uninformed I was about my clothing and the people in faraway places making them, least of all how my ignorance that perpetuated a cycle of wasted (literal watts of) energy, money, and environmental pollution. Cline’s extensive research and statistical data on the garment industry, labor practices and carbon emissions do not overwhelm, or obscure the book’s readability. Quite the contrary, they bolster her credibility.

We are not lectured to, or made feel bad out our previous wayward ways. Cline equips readers with information, such as fashion-conscious companies who source materials ethically and uphold the Support Living Wages pledge. This book will change your perspective on practices you thought were simply ordinary, such as doing your laundry.