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The Library maintains certain records that are accessible upon request by the public. Many records, including  minutes , ordinances and financial reports, are available through various links on this website. FOIA requests should be directed as follows:


Via US Mail or in Person:
Library Director/FOIA Officer
Warrenville Public Library District
 28W751 Stafford Place
 Warrenville IL, 60555


Via eMail:


Via fax:
Attn: Library Director/FOIA Officer



Please be as descriptive as possible when making your request. Be sure to indicate whether you want to obtain copies of the record(s) or inspect them in person. You may use this form to submit your request.


The Library will respond to your request within 5 business days.


Fees for the actual cost of reproducing the records are due prior to the release of the records and will be charged as follows:
Black & White letter or legal size copies: first 50 pages free, additional pages 10¢ each
Color letter or legal size copies: 50¢ each
Other size copies: actual cost will be charged
If records are provided in electronic format, then the actual cost of the media used for storage will be charged.


View the Library’s FOIA Procedures.
View Library Policies.
View Budget & Finance Information.
View recent Ordinances.
View Agendas & Minutes.
View Organizational Chart

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For more information about Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act, visit the Illinois Attorney General’s website at www.illinoisattorneygeneral.gov.