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Twenty computers with Internet access, access to the Library's online databases and Microsoft office software are available for the public. (Some computers may be out of service during renovations.) Printing costs start at 10¢ per side. You MUST have your library card and PIN to access these computers. View Public Access Computer Policy (pdf file).


Free wireless Internet access is available for users with wireless devices. Use of the Library’s wireless network constitutes an agreement to abide by the Library's Public Access Computers Policy. Guidelines for acceptable use are listed on this page and in our wireless brochure.

What if I don't have a wireless device?

Warrenville cardholders may check out a laptop or netbook for in-Library use.

How do I connect?

Most wireless devices automatically detect a wireless signal. If yours does not, you will have to know how to modify your device’s wireless configuration to connect to the WPLD_Public network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?
Like most library services it’s free!


What do I need to connect?
Your device needs 802.11g or higher wireless capability.


Do I need a password?
No user name or password is required.


Can I print?
Patrons who use the Library’s wireless network can print documents to the Library’s print station by visiting Follow the onscreen prompts to specify a website URL or browse to a file, confirm your printing options and pricing, then send the print job. Be sure to make note of the unique user ID you assign to your print job(s), as you will not be able to retrieve them without it. View instructions on printing eMails and/or eMail attachments. Payment may be made at the Print Station from your library card's account balance or with cash at the Circulation Desk. Page costs start at 10¢ per side.


Can library staff assist me?
Other than confirming that the wireless network is accessible, library staff are unable to provide technical assistance. You must be familiar with your wireless device and know how to set it up for wireless access.


Is the wireless network secure?
The network is unfiltered and unsecured. It is strongly recommended that you not use this network to transmit personal, financial, or legal data. Users are responsible for protecting their hardware from outside threats such as viruses and spam. The Library assumes no responsibility or liability for any damages or loss resulting from use of the wireless network.


What if I don’t have a wireless device?
The Library has 20 public access computers that enable you to access the Internet along with a suite of Microsoft Office products. You must have a library card and PIN as well as a signed User Agreement form on file to use these computers.


How fast is the connection?
Connection speed will vary depending upon many factors including, but not limited to the number of users and your distance from the wireless access point. The Library reserves the right to limit bandwidth to ensure fair sharing of network resources.


What about power?
We realize that you may need to plug your device into an outlet. You may use any unused outlet as long as you do not obstruct any pathways or disturb any other equipment. If you remove a child safety outlet plug, please replace it when you are finished.


Where are the hot spots?
The wireless network is accessible from anywhere on the Library’s main level, including the meeting and study rooms, and in the café area on the lower level. The wireless network may also be available from outside the Library building; however signal strength and reliability are not monitored or guaranteed.

Acceptable Use Policy

Access, use, or dissemination of information via the Internet in the Library is the responsibility of the user. In the case of minors, it is a joint responsibility of the user and the parent or guardian.


The Library’s public access computers and wireless network may be used only for legal purposes. Illegal or prohibited acts may include but are not limited to: unauthorized copyright use, viewing obscene material, violating copyright or software licenses, attempting to/or damaging library equipment/software/software configurations, compromising system security, libeling, slandering, misrepresentation, solicitation, and harassment.


Use of personal software on public access computers is not allowed.


Illegal/prohibited use of the public access computers will result in suspension of computer privileges and may lead to loss of Library privileges. Illegal acts may be subject to prosecution by local, state or federal authorities.

Failure of any user to follow the terms of this policy will result in the loss of library privileges, disciplinary action, and/or appropriate legal action.


The Internet enhances the Library’s existing collections with electronic resources creating a gateway to the world of information. This resource contains material that may be inaccurate or of a controversial nature. The Library does not monitor or control the content and cannot be held responsible.


Use of the Library’s wireless network constitutes an agreement to abide by the library’s Public Access Computers Policy. A copy of the policy is available upon request from any service desk.


Laptops and other personal items should never be left unattended in the Library.


Please be courteous of other library users and use headphones when listening to audio files.