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  • Ask – Lets users search the Web for links, images, videos, driving directions, news, local city listings and shopping links for products. Related sites include,, and
  • Bing – Microsoft’s current search engine offers a dynamic graphical interface, enhanced image and video search tools, instant answers and local info. Bing is now the underlying search engine for Yahoo!
  • Dogpile – Provides extensive web search and fetches results from top search engines.
  • Duck Duck Go – Provides filters to return information or shopping-oriented results. Official sites are displayed first, and the results list is easy to navigate. DDG does not capture or transmit personal information.
  • Eccellio – Uses Google’s database but adds an extra level of classification that allows searches to be refined easily by topic or timeframe.
  • Excite – Personalization Web portal, featuring subject listings, search, content and functionality.
  • Gigablast – Search engine that does real-time indexing.
  • Google – Popular search engine, Google also offers maps and satellite images, as well as free email and online word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • Mamma – Provides extensive web search and fetches results from top search engines.
  • Yahoo! – Portal to the web, offering search, email, news, a directory and many other services.


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