Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

Flight BehaviorBook – This is a wonderful work of fiction that is well-researched. This book should appeal to those interested in how global warming can impact our ecoystem. Readers will cheer for Dellarobia, a young woman who had lost her dreams of college and a better life due to poverty and pregnancy at the age of 17. Her story unfolds as she stumbles upon a “lake of fire” which turns out to be millions of migrating monarch butterflies. Set in a rural Applachian town in Tennessee the event becomes an instant phenomena drawing scientists, reporters, and gawkers to the site. Barbara Kingsolver’s background in Biology is apparent as the book details the life cycle and habits of monarch butterflies. Readers will enjoy spunky Dellarobia’s evolution as she emerges from her cocoon and spreads her wings. A very informative, eye-opening, and enjoyable read.