Discover Your Ancestors through the U.S. Census

Discover Your Ancestors through the U.S. Census

Did you know census records are one of the best ways to discover details about your family? If you’re working on your family tree, use Ancestry Library Edition for free. (Digital access available while our building is closed.)

You can find out names, addresses, occupations and military history. You might even uncover who was the first in your family to arrive in the United States! The U.S. Census has been conducted every 10 years since 1790. As U.S. census records aren’t released until 72 years after a census is conducted, the most recent census data available are from 1940. Begin your genealogy research there, then work your way back using details you learn to help you locate your family in earlier censuses.

Interestingly, each census posed unique questions. From the 1920 census you can find out when your ancestors became citizens. The 1910 census will tell you if a man was a veteran of the Civil War and the 1900 census will tell you the number of children a woman has had. The 2020 census won’t be released until 2092! So make sure to fill out the census form so future generations can find you.

We’re here to help you complete your current U.S. Census form and answer questions about Ancestry Library Edition. You can email a librarian at:

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