Library Closed Until Further Notice to Prevent COVID-19 Spread


UPDATE (June 17, 2020) — The Library building remains closed to the public. Library staff are working in the building to coordinate returns and curbside pickup. We are monitoring voice mail (630/393-1171) and email Monday through Saturday, 9:30 am-5 pm. Email or to request items, get reading recommendations and get assistance with research. Email if you have questions about your library account. Email if you have questions about curbside pickup.

Learn about returning your library materials:

Learn about curbside pickup:

ORIGINAL POST (March 16, 2020) — Warrenville Public Library is closed until further notice, effective Monday, March 16 at noon. Closing the library was a difficult decision, as we know many of you rely on the library for research, education, entertainment and technology. However, the library stands in support of all efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Watch a message from Library Director Sandy Whitmer.

Adjustments to our usual timelines regarding return of library materials are as follows:

As of Friday, April 24, due dates for ALL materials have been extended through June 30. You do not need to renew any materials through June 30.

All library book returns are closed; do not return any materials in the drive-up or walk-up book returns in the lower level parking lot.

No late fees will accrue during this closure.

WPLD cardholders can access downloadable, streaming or online resources at under the Reading and Research tabs or through these links:

eBooks | eAudiobooks | Movies | Music | Magazines | Online databases

When accessing these resources, have your library card number and PIN handy. Your PIN is your 4-digit birth month and day (mmdd).

Although the library building will be closed, some staff members may be onsite for limited hours. If you have questions, call our main number at 630/393-1171 and leave a message or visit the Contact Us page and email our management team.

Updates about when the library will reopen and timeline for return of materials will be posted here.

At this time, we also plan to post updates and provide information about accessing online library resources on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Please visit one of these sites for more information about Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Illinois Department of Public Health
DuPage County Health Department

If you have general questions, please call the Illinois COVID-19 hotline via phone at 1-800-889-3931 or send an email to DPH.SICK@ILLINOIS.GOV.

Books on App

Thanks to Goodreads, our Books on App monthly book discussion is the next best thing to meeting at the local tap house to share thoughts on the pick of the month.

Goodreads is a free social media site that allows readers to connect with each other and share book recommendations, ratings and reviews. Each month we will select a book to read and post discussion questions related to the book on Goodreads.

The discussions are open until the end of each month, so you can read the book and contribute to the discussion on your own time. Books are available digitally through Hoopla or OverDrive/Libby with your WPLD library card. Non-members can participate but will need to secure the book through other sources.

All you need to participate in the conversation is a Goodreads account. Once you have created a Goodreads account, search for “WPLD Books on App” or simply follow this link to join: WPLD Books on App. 

Our book for July is Coraline by Neil Gaiman. Get more information about Books on App in our Events Calendar. Find Coraline in our catalog.

Make Books on App a part of your summer reading adventure—in July and August you can add these titles to your reading logs and participate in our Read for a Cause summer reading event.

August’s Books on App selection is Mr. Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt.

We hope to see you in Goodreads!

Rick Riordan Presents

Books – Calling all Percy Jackson fans! Are you ready to try a new mythological adventure? Rick Riordan has an imprint of books labeled “Rick Riordan Presents” highlighting great middle grade books based on culture and mythology from around the world.

Aru Shah and the End of Time

Hindu Mythology- Aru makes a dangerous mistake trying to impress her classmates and releases an ancient evil into the world. Aru journeys to find the legendary Pandava brothers; the only ones who can stop it!

The Storm Runner

Mayan Mythology- Zane has always been drawn to hiking the local dormant volcano, despite the challenges he faces having only one good leg. Little does he know, the volcano is actually an entrance to another world, where he has much more power than he realizes.

Dragon Pearl

Korean Mythology- Min wants nothing more than to join the space forces and explore worlds, but she must hide her inherited fox magic. Her brother mysteriously disappears, bringing her face to face with ghosts, pirates and magic.

Sal and Gabi Break the Universe

Cuban Mythology- How did a chicken get into Yasmany’s locker?! Travel through time and space with Sal and Gabi, as they try to avoid breaking the universe!

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky

African Mythology- After Tristan accidentally punches a hole into the Midpass, he joins African American gods in a dangerous battle and barters with the trickster, Anansi.

Race to the Sun

Navajo Mythology- When Nizhoni’s dad sends her a message that says “Run!”, she must connect with her Navajo heritage on a rescue mission, against the ancient monsters after completing dangerous trials based in nature.

Paola Santiago and the River of Tears

Based on the Mexican legend of La Llorona- available in August 2020!

Say Hello to a Fine Free Warrenville Library

On July 1, 2020, say goodbye to Extended Use Fees. Say hello to a Fine Free Warrenville Public Library. The Library will stop charging extended use fees for overdue items. We will clear all prior extended use fees from borrower accounts.

Fine free does not mean no responsibility. Our collection belongs to the entire community. We expect our members to respect this shared community resource by returning materials in a timely manner.

Why fine free?
Becoming a fine free library was identified as a strategic objective in 2019. Here are a few reasons why we are saying goodbye to fines:

  • Library fines can create barriers to library use, preventing access to our resources for individuals who need them most.
  • Studies have shown overdue fines have little impact on when library materials are returned.
  • Increased use of eBooks and other electronic resources means fines are no longer a sustainable source of library income.

Are there still due dates?
Yes. Items will still have due dates and you can renew items up to 2 times unless the item is requested by another member. To confirm due dates,

  • Log in to My Account,
  • Check the due date receipt you received at checkout or
  • Call the Member Services Desk at 630/393-1171 x100.

Are all fees going away?
No. You will still be charged for lost, damaged or incomplete items.

What incentive do members have to return their materials?
Borrowing and other library privileges will be suspended when an item is 14 days overdue. Privileges will be reinstated when the item is returned, renewed or paid for as lost.

What will happen if my items are overdue?
Although you will not be charged extended use fees, if your items are 14 days overdue your library card privileges will be suspended. Once the items are returned, renewed or paid for as lost your privileges will be reinstated.

Are there any other policy changes I should know about?
Yes. A few additional policy changes go into effect July 1:

  • DVDs will have a loan period of 2 weeks.
  • Current issues of magazines can be checked out.
  • Requested items will be held for 7 days.
  • WPLD items will be limited to 2 renewals.

Learn More About Fine Free Libraries

 View Our Library Policies

The Green Mile (1999)

DVD – The Green Mile is outstanding. Released in 1999 some would say it’s an oldie, but it’s definitely a goodie. Based on the book of the same name by Stephen King, the movie is full of varying emotions.

The lives of the guards on Death Row are the starting point of the movie. As time passes, they Cover image for The green mileacquire a new inmate- a tall, stocky man who is charged with the rape and murder of two young girls, appears to be uneducated, yet seems to have a mysterious and special gift. With this he is able to help others, including the guards. What happens during his time on the Green Mile and will he be exonerated before his execution?

Lead actor Tom Hanks is perfectly suited for his role as a Prison Guard. His body and facial expressions, aided by the script will have you crying until your eyes are too puffy to watch anymore. This movie has made me wonder about the reality of life on death row and whether there is a correlation to what inmates and guards do (or don’t), on a daily basis. The Green Mile can be summarized in these words: emotional and thought-provoking.

The Last True Poets of the Sea by Julia Drake

Cover image for Last True Poets of the Sea, TheBook- Sixteen year old Violet is spending the summer in Lyric, Maine the town founded by her ancestors, following her brother’s suicide attempt and struggles with her unstable, hard-partying lifestyle. While staying with her uncle and working at the local aquarium, Violet meets Orion and is attracted to his intelligence and devotion to marine life. Through Orion, Violet befriends other local teens, including Liv, whose fascination with Lyric’s history is the basis for another powerful and complex relationship. While navigating her new friendships and complicated past, Violet also embarks on a mission to find the sunken Lyric, a legendary shipwreck of which Violet’s great-great-great grandmother was the sole survivor.

The Last True Poets of the Sea is a re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, but also a coming-of-age romance and adventure story that examines identity, family dynamics and mental illness. The complex exploration of important issues makes this a young adult novel that many adults of all ages will appreciate.

The Last True Poets of the Sea is available now on eAudiobook for instant download on Hoopla.


Curbside Pickup Service

7/2/20: Updated with Servicio de Recogida en la Acera, debajo.

We are excited to announce our Curbside Pickup service. WPLD cardholders can now request books and other library items for pick up.

How does Curbside Pickup service work?

The basics
1. Request your items (see options below).
2. Get a phone call to schedule a pick up time.
3. Come to the library to pick up your items at our lower level entrance during your scheduled pick up time.

Who can use curbside pickup service?

Curbside Pickup Service is for WPLD cardholders. We can’t provide materials to our reciprocal borrowers.

Only WPLD items are available. The interlibrary loan system is currently suspended.

To request library items, you need a WPLD library card account in good standing. If there are any monetary blocks for extended use fees or lost/damaged items on your account, or if your library card has expired, then you will need to resolve these matters by calling our Member Services Desk at 630/393-1171 x100.

If you are a Warrenville Public Library District resident and don’t already have a library card, you can register at Get a Library Card.

How can I request items?

• Place your items on hold through the library’s catalog. You will need your library card number and PIN (mmdd, 4-digit month and day of your birthdate).

• Call the library at 630/393-1171 x121 to speak to a staff member to put items on hold for you. If someone is unavailable to take your call, leave a voicemail message and we will respond as soon as we can.

• Send an email to with details about the items you are requesting (e.g., title, author). Include your first and last name and library card number so we can verify your library account. You will receive a response about the status of your request or if we have any questions.

• Complete a Discover Your Next Read form and we will make selections for you. You will receive an email response that includes our recommended selections and further instructions for you.

The following items are not currently available for curbside pickup because they require more in-depth cleaning than we can safely perform at this time:

• Science kits
• Discovery packs
• Board books
• Puzzles
• Some mobile menu items

To request magazine issues, call the Adult Services Desk 630/393-1171 x121 or email

How can I schedule a pick up time?

Once your items have been pulled from our shelves and checked out to your account, you will receive a phone call to schedule a pick up time. Effective Monday, June 22, we will be scheduling pickups on the following days and times:

• You will be asked to select a time for pickup within a 30-minute window during these times.
• Depending on the volume of requests, certain time slots may not be available.
• Pick up your items only during your scheduled time slot.

Wait for our call to schedule a pick up time if you see the following message on your account:

It is okay if a friend or neighbor picks up your items at your request, but only during the scheduled time.

Where do I pick up my items?

• Our Curbside Pickup Service is located at the library’s lower level entrance, accessible through our parking lot off of Mount St.
• All items will be on a table in the entryway.
• Items will be bagged and identified by last name.
• Once you’re at the table, look for your last name; touch and take only your bag(s).
• If driving, it’s okay to pull right up to the curb; park and exit your vehicle.
• Whether driving, walking or biking to pick up your items, please wear a face covering and look for tape markings on the ground to maintain social distancing, as there will be others picking up at the same time.
• Please observe the one-way direction of the parking lot and be aware of pedestrians.

If you are returning items on the same trip, put them in the RETURNS bin before picking up your new items.

What safety precautions regarding spread of Covid-19 have been put in place?
For the health and safety of our staff and library members, our entire curbside pickup and returns process has been developed to be as contact free as possible.

• Limited staff are working in the building at the same time.
• Staff report to work only if they are healthy.
• PPE and training on proper distancing and material handling has been provided to all staff.
• Workspaces are regularly cleaned.
• All returned items are quarantined for 7 days before they are checked in.

What about…?

How long will it take for you to call me to schedule a pick up?
We will work as fast as we can to prepare your materials. We anticipate calling you within 3 business days of when you make your request if the items are available. If you have any questions about your items, call our Member Services Desk at 630/393-1171 x100 or email

I saw a message in the My Account section that says my book is ready to pick up but I didn’t receive a call. Can I just pick it up anytime?
No. Item(s) in My Account with the message “Ready for Pickup” require further processing. We will call to schedule your pick up time when item(s) are completely ready.

What if I can’t come during my scheduled pick up time? What if I miss my scheduled pick up time?
As soon as you realize you can’t keep your scheduled time, please call our Member Services Desk to reschedule at 630/393-1171 x100. If you don’t pick up your items during the scheduled time, your order will be set aside. You will need to call us to reschedule your pick up.

What if I can’t get out of my car to pick up my items?
When we call to schedule your pick up time, please inform us if you are not able to leave your vehicle. We will ask you if you need us to place your items in your trunk or back seat. We will provide additional instructions over the phone.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this process. If you have additional questions about Curbside Pickup Service, please call our Member Services Desk at 630/393-1171 x100 or email

Are you looking for information about returning library materials?

Servicio de Recogida en la Acera
Nos da gusto anunciar nuestro servicio de Recogida en la Acera. Los miembros con tarjetas WPLD ahora pueden solicitar libros y otros artículos de la biblioteca para recogerlos en la acera.

¿Cómo funciona el servicio de recogida en la acera?
1. Reserve sus artículos (vea las opciones a continuación).
2. Recibirá una llamada telefónica para citar un horario para recoger sus artículos.
3. Recoja sus artículos en nuestra entrada de nivel inferior durante el horario de recogida anteriormente citado.

¿Quién puede solicitar el Servicio de Recogida en la Acera?
El servicio de Recogida en la Acera es para los miembros con tarjetas WPLD. Desafortunadamente no podemos proporcionar materiales a nuestros prestatarios recíprocos.
Solo los artículos WPLD están disponibles. El sistema de préstamo interbibliotecario por el momento se mantiene suspendido.
Para solicitar artículos de la biblioteca, necesita una cuenta de tarjeta de biblioteca WPLD vigente. Si hay bloqueos monetarios debido a multas de uso extendido o artículos perdidos/dañados en su cuenta o si su tarjeta de la biblioteca ha caducado, deberá resolver estos asuntos llamando a nuestro Departamento de Servicios para Miembros al 630/393-1171 x100.
Si es residente del Distrito de la Biblioteca Pública de Warrenville y aún no tiene una tarjeta de la biblioteca, puede registrarse en línea: Obtener una Tarjeta de la Biblioteca.

¿Cómo puedo poner artículos bajo reserva?
• Reserve sus artículos a través del catálogo digital de la biblioteca. Necesitará su número de tarjeta de la biblioteca y su número PIN (mmdd, 4 dígitos, mes y día de su fecha de nacimiento).
• Contáctese con un miembro del personal de la biblioteca al 630/393-1171 x121 para reservar sus artículos. Si alguien no está disponible para atender su llamada, deje un breve mensaje de correo de voz y le responderemos lo más antes posible.
• Envíe un correo electrónico a con detalles sobre los artículos que solicita (por ejemplo, título, autor). Incluya su nombre y apellido y número de tarjeta de la biblioteca para que podamos verificar su cuenta. Recibirá una respuesta sobre el estado de su solicitud o si tenemos alguna pregunta.

• Complete el formulario Descubra Su Próximo Libro y haremos selecciones por usted. Recibirá una respuesta por correo electrónico que incluye nuestras recomendaciones y más instrucciones.

Los siguientes artículos no están disponibles por el momento bajo el servicio de Recogida en la Acera porque requieren una limpieza más profunda de la que podemos realizar de forma segura en este momento:
• Kits de ciencia
• Mochilas de descubrimiento
• Libros infantiles de tapa gruesa
• Rompecabezas
• Algunos dispositivos del menú móvil

Para reservar revistas, comuníquese con el Escritorio de Servicio a Adultos al 630/ 393-1171 x121 o envíe un correo electrónico a

¿Cómo puedo citar mi horario para recoger mis artículos?
Una vez que sus artículos hayan sido retirados de nuestros estantes y añadidos a su cuenta, recibirá una llamada telefónica para citar su horario para recoger sus artículos. A partir del lunes 22 de junio, el servicio de Recogida en la Acera será citado en los siguientes días y horarios:
Lunes 10 am – 2 pm
Martes 2 pm – 6 pm
Miércoles 10 am – 2 pm
Jueves 2 pm – 6 pm
Viernes 10 am – 2 pm
Sábado 10 am – 2 pm

Se le pedirá que seleccione una hora para la recolección dentro de una ventana de 30 minutos durante estos horarios.
• Dependiendo del volumen de solicitudes, ciertos intervalos de tiempo pueden no estar disponibles.
• Recoja sus artículos solo durante su horario citado.

Espere nuestra llamada para citar una hora para recoger sus artículos si ve el siguiente mensaje en su cuenta:

Un amigo o vecino puede recoger sus artículos sin problema, pero solo durante el horario citado.

¿Dónde recojo mis artículos?
• Nuestro servicio de Recogida en la Acera se encuentra en la entrada del nivel inferior de la biblioteca, accesible a través de nuestro estacionamiento en Mount St.
• Todos los artículos estarán en una mesa en la entrada.
• Los artículos serán empaquetados e identificados por apellido.
• Una vez que esté en la mesa, busque su apellido; toque y tome solo su(s) bolsa(s).
• Si maneja, puede acercarse a la acera; estacione y salga de su vehículo.
• Ya sea que conduzca, camine o ande en bicicleta para recoger sus artículos, use una máscara y busque señales en el suelo para mantener el distanciamiento social ya que habrá otros que recojan al mismo tiempo.
• Observe la dirección unidireccional del estacionamiento y esté atento a los peatones.

Si está devolviendo artículos en el mismo viaje, colóquelos en el contenedor de RETURNS (devoluciones) antes de recoger sus artículos.

¿Qué precauciones de seguridad se han establecido con respecto a la propagación de Covid-19?
Para la salud y seguridad de nuestro personal y miembros de la biblioteca, todo nuestro proceso de Recogida en la Acera y Devolución en la Acera se ha desarrollado para que sea lo más libre de contacto posible.
• Un personal limitado trabaja en el edificio al mismo tiempo.
• El personal se reporta a trabajar solo si está sano.
• Se ha distribuido EPP y capacitación sobre distanciamiento adecuado y manejo de materiales a todo el personal.
• Los espacios de trabajo se limpian regularmente.
• Todos los artículos devueltos se ponen en cuarentena durante 7 días antes de procesarse.

Información adicional
¿Cuánto tiempo tardará en llamarme para citar un horario para recoger mis artículos?
Trabajaremos lo más rápido posible para preparar sus materiales. Anticipamos citar su horario dentro de los 3 días después de recibir su solicitud si los artículos están disponibles. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre sus artículos, llame a nuestro Servicios para Miembros al 630/393-1171 x100 o envíe un correo electrónico a

Vi un mensaje en la sección Mi Cuenta que dice que mi libro está listo para recoger, pero no recibí una llamada. ¿Puedo recogerlo en cualquier momento?
No. Los artículos en Mi cuenta con el mensaje “Listo para recoger” requieren un procesamiento adicional. Le llamaremos para citar su horario cuando los artículos estén completamente listos.

¿Qué sucede si no puedo venir durante el horario de recogida citado? ¿Qué pasa si pierdo cita?
Tan pronto como se dé cuenta de que no puede cumplir con su cita, llame a nuestro departamento de Servicios para Miembros para reprogramarla al 630/393-1171 x100. Si no recoge sus artículos durante el tiempo programado, su pedido será anulado. Deberá llamarnos para reprogramar su cita.

¿Qué sucede si no puedo salir de mi automóvil para recoger mis artículos?
Cuando llamemos para citar su horario, infórmenos si no puede salir de su vehículo. Le preguntaremos si necesita que coloquemos sus artículos en su maletero o asiento trasero. Le proporcionaremos instrucciones adicionales por teléfono.

Agradecemos su paciencia mientras trabajamos en este proceso. Si tiene preguntas adicionales sobre el Servicio de Recogida en la Acera, llame a nuestro departamento de Servicios para Miembro al 630/393-1171 x100 o envíe un correo electrónico a

Library Board of Trustees Regular Board Meeting

Library Board of Trustees Meeting (online) with Library LogoThe Library Board’s next regularly scheduled meeting is Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 7 pm. The agenda and information packet are available online. This meeting will be conducted entirely via electronic means, not at the Library. The public is invited to listen to the meeting by calling 312/626-6799 or using the Zoom app to connect to the meeting. The Zoom Meeting ID is 865 8804 1557. Log on at, or using the app. The direct Zoom link is: Instructions for submitting public comment are included on the agenda.

Pride Viewing

Movies – June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and to celebrate, here are some excellent documentaries you can watch to learn a little more about the community.

We Were Here – The AIDS crisis was the last great pandemic in the US, before the current crisis, but the stigma and prejudice associated with HIV left the full impact invisible to many people. This award-winning documentary interviews five individuals who played meaningful roles during the epidemic in San Francisco, including a political activist, a nurse, and a flower seller who supplied flowers to the overwhelming number of funerals.

(A)sexual – This documentary offers a personal look at asexuality, one of the lesser-known and most misunderstood orientations. What’s it like to be attracted to no one at all, when so much of society revolves around who you’re attracted to? What does sexual orientation really entail, anyway? If you’ve never encountered asexuality before, this can be an enlightening look at a concept you thought you already understood.

Before Stonewall/After Stonewall – These documentaries chronicle the history of the gay rights movement both before and after the seminal turning point, the Stonewall Riots in June of 1969. Made in 1984 and 1999 respectively, they’re now also historical documents in their own right, shedding light on just how far we’ve come in the last half a century.

All of these films can be streamed from Hoopla.


Staying Productive While Working Remotely

Online Learning Database—Available 24/7.

As we continue to make our way together through the phases of the Restore Illinois Plan, you may still need some help dealing with the challenges of working from home and maintaining a work/life balance. from LinkedIn is a free resource available to WPLD members that provides access to articles, videos and courses to help improve professional skills while working from home.

For many companies and employees, working from home is a relatively new experience. has courses that directly address creating a productive work space and communicating effectively with co-workers from a distance. A good introduction to this topic is “Tips for Working Remotely”, presented by Todd Dewett, who discusses productivity at home and the common challenges faced by those still somewhat new to working remotely.

To find out more about why is a go-to resource when it comes to developing business skills in several industries, search its extensive list of courses and video tutorials available for free to WPLD members at:

If you have questions about or any of our online databases, please email


Celebrating LGBTQIA+

eBooks and eAudiobooks–June is a nationwide celebration of the authors and writings that reflect the lives and experiences of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, genderqueer, queer, intersex, agender, and asexual community. We have a diverse array of titles from these authors to choose from!

Released earlier this March, The Amber Garden is the last installment in the The Alchemist’s Council trilogy. Adults, now is a great time to lose yourself in these books featuring an ancient manuscript, bees, secrets, a Rebel Branch and the anti-heroine, Jaden navigating the complex world of otherworldly dimensions and of course, fighting evil.

Cover image for Like a Love Story

Young adults will be swept in Abdi Nazemian’s Like A Love Story. It’s 1989 and Reza is living in the queer community of NYC. The story of his friendships leaves us feeling hopeful, amid the hate and discrimination of the times.


Cover image for The Best at It

The Best At It by Maulik Pancholy features 12-year-old Rahul trying to fit in and doing so takes courage. This eAudiobook will touch, and inspire, you; make you laugh and have you rooting for Rahul all the way!


Check out these titles and much more with your Warrenville Public Library Card, available on Hoopla and Overdrive!