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Strategic Plan

In the Fall of 2011, the Library Board of Trustees began collecting information from residents and staff in order to select priorities for a revised strategic plan. Revisions were adopted in February 2014. Four strategic priorities are the focus for Fiscal Years 2013 through 2016:


  • The Library will embrace emerging technologies as a means to provide services and resources to library users.
  • In order to meet the needs of our patrons, the Library will provide a continuous learning environment for library staff that emphasizes cross-training, adaptability and personal / professional development.
  • The Library will be a destination in the community with programs, spaces and collections that appeal to all ages. The Library will be a comfortable place with areas for gathering, meeting and studying.
  • The Library will create a Library “brand” by establishing a set of values, vision and mission statements and a formal marketing plan.  

The Strategic Priorities document can be accessed here. The document includes an overview of the process as well as proposed action steps for each Fiscal Year that were developed by the Library’s Management Team.



Facts & Figures
Highlights from the Library’s Annual Report for July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014

Use of the Library

  • Library Visitors: 141,638
  • Items Checked out: 233,411
  • Reference Questions Answered: 12,027
  • Library Cardholders: 6,383
  • Computer Sessions: 26,863


  • 2,924 people attended 143 Adult Programs
  • 6,065 people attended 198 Youth Programs
  • 992 people attended 71 Young Adult Programs

The Collection

  • Books Owned: 99,400
  • DVDs Owned: 10,992
  • Audio Books & Music CDs Owned: 9,706
  • Downloadable eBooks Owned: 9,361
  • Downloadable eAudiobooks Owned: 3,946
  • Magazine/Newspaper Subscriptions: 205


  • Total Income: $1,737,448
  • Total Expenditures: $1,568,338